No Coding knowledge? Creating an App without coding knowledge became Simpler: Interesting Concept to know

Creating an App without coding knowledge became Easier and Simpler

Those who are willing to create an app but have no coding knowledge, literally ZERO CODING knowledge can also be able to create an app. Not just creating, also you can Earn through apps using Admob. This article post will walk you through the step-by-step procedure and guide you on how to start and successfully complete the whole process. By the completion of this article, you will find creating an app without coding knowledge just SIMPLE!!!

It is possible to create apps without coding by using minimal coding available from websites that provide readymade source codes. There are also few no-code platforms to do but when it comes to getting completely free readymade source code there are very few and a minimum number of websites as we know developing and maintaining source codes requires a lot of time and effort. So basically the developers of that code try to sell it by making it available under specific licenses that might restrict its use.

Creating an App without coding knowledge
Creating an App without coding knowledge

Popular Websites to find Open Source Readymade codes: Creating an App without coding knowledge 

There are a few websites where we can find open source readymade codes available for free. But you should be aware of licensing terms and ensure to comply with them. Here are a few websites and resources where we might find open-source code:

  1. GitHub: GitHub is one of the most popular platforms that has tons of shared open-source code. You can just simply search templates for mobile apps and projects. It has codes from various programming languages and different frameworks.
  2. GitLab: This one named GitLab is yet another one that is very much similar to GitHub. It consists of open-source repositories. It is the same as Github where you have to search templates for mobile apps and then the code that is available on their platform.
  3. Bitbucket: Bitbucket is another platform that includes open-source projects and one can easily find mobile app templates and sample codes here.
  4. SourceForge: The name SourceForge is very often seen whenever someone tries finding open-source projects. This includes templates of mobile apps in various languages as well as platforms.
  5. F-Droid: Android apps with their open-source code are available for free using F-Droid. 
  6. WordPress Plugins and Themes: If you want to create mobile apps that work well with WordPress websites, you can typically find open and free open-source WordPress plugins and themes that integrate the components of the mobile app.
  7. Android Open Source Project (AOSP) by Google: The Android Open Source Project(ASOP) by Google provides the source code for the Android operating system, which may be used as a foundation for developing business Android apps.
Creating an App without coding knowledge
Creating an App without coding knowledge

It is important to know that you need to require some coding and developing abilities even if the above-listed websites provide the source codes completely for free. Upon further scrutiny by reviewing the license conditions that are connected with the source code, you need to use it in such a way that you do not violate any limits or demands.

Creating an App without coding knowledge using  CodeCanyon, SellMyApp, and Codester?

Here are the methods explained in detail on How to get readymade source code for creating an app without coding knowledge from websites such as CodeCanyon, SellMyApp, and Codester:


CodeCanyon is an Indian company founded in June 2019. CodeCanyon is an online marketplace for purchasing and selling a wide range of digital products by primarily focussing on web development and design resources which is a part of Envato Market Network. The main objective of CodeCanyon is to provide ready-made website scripts, templates, plugins, and other digital assets to developers, designers, and other companies.

You can make a purchase using Paypal or using a prepaid balance on your wallet. The refund process is made simpler by providing the feature of buyer protection.


  1. Diverse Range of digital products: A diverse range of digital products such as scripts, plugins, themes, and readymade source code for creating apps and websites are offered on this platform.
  2. Proper Support and Documentation: Readymade source code providers attach documentation and support which makes it easier for users to understand and implement the source code or templates.
  3. Time and cost-effectiveness: When compared to creating apps using coding knowledge and starting from scratch, purchasing ready-made source codes from CodeCanyon saves a considerable amount of money and time for users who have moderate or incomplete coding knowledge.


  1. Restrictions on Licensing: If you are purchasing digital products from CodeCanyon, there are certain restrictions applicable to the purchased products. Buyers should strictly consider and follow according to the terms and conditions.
  2. Variation in Quality: The digital products on CodeCanyon have varying qualities and not all source codes are the best quality. You need to carefully read the user reviews before you make any purchase.

2. SellMyApp:

SellMyApp is one of the largest and most reputed marketplaces for purchasing app and website designs, plugins, and readymade source codes. The company is headquartered in Dublin (Ireland) and was founded in the year 2011. You can purchase the readymade source code for apps, websites, and games. For instance, if you purchase any game template, you can recreate it and include in-game ads to generate cash.

With SellMyApp, the process of creating an app without coding knowledge became simpler. There are various templates to create an app for IOS, Android, and iWatch that are built with frameworks such as Unity, Native Android, Native IOSm BuildBox, and many more…


  1. Assured Quality: SellMyApp offers products that are assured with premium quality to satisfy customers by building trust in the products they purchase.
  2. Source Code for mobile apps: SellMyApp contributes a varied range of source code for mobile apps and templates for various platforms including IOS and Android.
  3. Budget-friendly and Time Saving: The ready-made source codes are easy to implement at a reasonable price purchased and by following the instructions rather than starting from scratch saving both time and money


  1. Complexity in modification: While it is easier to modify the source code, the degree of modification depends upon the structure and complexity of the readymade code provided. You may find it difficult to modify some readymade codes.
  2. Compatibility and Updates: With the advancement in technology, source code must be updated regularly to make it compatible with the latest devices and new versions of operating systems. Sometimes, the updates might not be provided by sellers which leads to compatibility issues over a period of time.

3. Codester: 

If you are looking for app templates, Codester provides multiple options of scripts and codes that are practically applicable to the programming languages of every mobile app. You can get the source code starting from the reasonable price range of $4.

Codester was developed in the year 2014 and it is a New York-based company that provides free files for a limited time. Any individual can purchase them later once they are completely satisfied during the trial period. Developers who want to sell a ready-made program can sell on this platform.


  1. Budget-Friendly:  Compared to other competitive platforms, you can purchase the source code on Codester starting at the lower price of $4.
  2. Modification potential: Users can maximize the modification option of the purchased readymade source codes and other digital products on Codester, to meet the specific requirements with effective design and functionality.
  3. Money-making opportunities for creators: Codester provides money-making opportunities for developers, designers, and content creators to sell and earn money from their digital products such as apps, websites, and many more…


  1. Ineffective customer support: Sometimes, the customer service at Codester may prove to be ineffective by not providing appropriate and instant solutions to the complex issues being faced.
  2. Competition in pricing: In order to provide competitive pricing, the product prices are decreased which minimizes the profit for sellers and maximizes the advantage for buyers.
Creating an App without coding knowledge: How to get readymade source codes from CodeCanyon, SellMyApp and Codester
Creating an App without coding knowledge: How to get readymade source codes from CodeCanyon, SellMyApp, and Codester

Step-by-step procedure to get readymade source Code from websites such as CodeCanyon, SellMyApp, and Codester?

The methods to get readymade source code from all three apps involve a common procedure. Here are the following common steps you need to follow to get readymade source code for creating apps from CodeCanyon, SellMyApp, and Codester:

Step 1: Visit the official Website

You need to visit the official websites of CodeCanyon, SellMyApp, and Codester to ensure you get the genuine source code to create an app.

Step 2: Search 

You can use the search bar to find a particular source code or browse through the categories. Additionally, you can also use filters to display the search codes of your choice based on several factors such as price, rating, Compatibility issues, and software version- IOS, Android, etc.

Step 3: Details

You can click on each item to view a detailed description that includes the features, user reviews, screenshots, and many more…

Before purchasing any source code, make sure to read the complete user reviews to understand the source code and to know if it is worth the amount you spend or not.

Step 4: Double Check your requirements

Ensure that the source code fulfills your technical requirements. The readymade source code must specify the programming language, framework, or tools to work effectively.

Step 5: Queries

If you have any queries, you should feel free to contact customer care via chat or e-mail to provide further clarifications before you make any purchases.

Step 6: Purchase

Once you have filtered out and found the desired source code, it’s time to click on the “Buy Now” or “Add to Cart” button to complete the transaction by making the payment.

***IMPORTANT NOTE***: To make a purchase from CodeCanyon you need to have an Envato account. Whereas to make purchases from SellMyApp and Codester you need to have your account in their respective platforms.

Step 7: Download

After purchasing the open-source readymade codes, you can download the source code that is attached with additional files, documentation, and licenses. Generally, you can download the source codes as a compressed file- in ZIP format. You need to download it to your computer or smartphone.

Step 8: Instructions

You will be provided with documentation that states the proper instructions on how to set up and the proper methods to implement the source code. You need to follow the instructions to modify and utilize the app according to the user’s convenience.

Step 9: Testing 

You need to test the app thoroughly by using it from the user’s point of view such that there are no flaws or errors.

Step 10: Launching

After modifying and testing the app with perfection, you can launch the developed app into the marketplace.

It is important to respect the licensing terms as well as any legal and ethical implications while using the readymade source code or while offering purchases for the app that you have created. You need to understand how to use the source code by reading and following the instructions carefully and analyzing if there are any restrictions.

After reading the above procedures, it becomes simpler to create an app without coding knowledge with the above-mentioned best websites provided to acquire the readymade source codes.

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