10 Different methods to make money through YouTube? New strategies for successful online earning

Becoming a successful YouTuber after creating the best YouTube channel with engaging and creative content can help you to make money. But, this method requires your dedication and a lot of hard work to become successful on YouTube by creating the best content and making money, which is a time-consuming process. Though YouTube is a platform that encourages many new talents, it is important to know that your hard work and talent will be valued when you make a huge figure income on this platform. You need to implement smart work rather than hard work by executing different methods to make money through YouTube.

What are the best and most effective 10 Different methods to make money through YouTube?
What are the best and most effective 10 Different methods to make money through YouTube?

Why is it mandatory to implement different methods to make money through YouTube? 

Before we delve into the various methods, it is mandatory to understand why you need to implement different methods to make money through YouTube. It is a fact that most YouTubers follow the traditional earning methods through the YouTube Partner Program(YPP) and Google Adsense, which may generate a decent income but may not suffice your earning potential by depending upon the number of clicks and impressions on the ads displayed on your content.

Why is it mandatory to implement different methods to make money through YouTube? 
Why is it mandatory to implement different methods to make money through YouTube?

Here are the reasons why you need to follow different methods to make money through YouTube:

  1. In recent times, the YouTube algorithm has changed and individuals relying on traditional methods such as the YouTube Partner Program(YPP)4,000 watch hours and 1,000 subscribers or 10 million short views in the past 90 days to make your YouTube channel eligible for monetization after the reviewing process. Another method is Google Adsense which depends upon the impressions and clicks of the ads displayed on your video. Your revenue through Google Adsense depends upon the reputation of the advertiser and the quality of ads on your video.
  2. Having multiple sources of income makes you less dependent and leads to a more stress-free by generating a huge amount of money.
  3. You can adapt to the different preferences of your audiences that change frequently with the increased number of users and creators on this platform.
  4. An increased number of content creators can lead to less revenue ads displayed on your videos.
  5. You need not depend on the number of views on your video rather you can focus on implementing new methods to make money through YouTube. Various strategies can help you to increase your overall income on YouTube.

What are the different methods to make money through YouTube?

Though creating a channel, uploading videos of your specialized niche with high-quality content, and building it with SEO-friendly keywords form basic criteria for YouTube creators, there are several strategies you need to work on and implement to make a huge income on YouTube.

10 Different methods to make money through YouTube
10 Different methods to make money through YouTube

It is important to know that you need to have a strong amount of subscribers and viewers on your YouTube channel to implement the different methods to gain a huge income:

1. YouTube Partner Program: 

YouTube Partner Program(YPP) is the basic and traditional criteria for earning money through YouTube with certain eligibility requirements as discussed above in detail…

Your YouTube channel needs to be SEO-friendly to make your content reach a larger audience and gain a huge number of subscribers.

After you have become eligible for the YouTube partner program, you can earn money through Google Adsense which needs to be linked to your YouTube account.

2. Affiliate Marketing: 

Affiliate marketing involves promoting different items or services in your videos and includes the affiliate link in the description of your video. The more viewers click or purchase the products through your affiliate link, the maximized chances of huge commissions you can generate.

The primary criteria to become successful in affiliate marketing is by matching the products and services related to the niche/ category of your YouTube channel and promoting products based on the audience’s interest.

Before you decide to promote products and services through your affiliate links, you have to sign up on the reputed affiliate programs that include ClickBank, Digistore, Amazon Associates, ShareASale, Fiverr, Impact, CJ Affiliate, and many more…

3. Sponsorship and Brand Partnerships: 

After building a strong YouTube channel with loyal subscribers and consistently uploading videos on your specialized niche, you can contact brands that are relevant to your niche and audience by showcasing your YouTube Channels’ statistics.

You can reach out to specific companies via email, various social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, or professional networking platforms such as Linkedin. Additionally, you can explain how your YouTube channel and content will help in marketing their brand and generate profits.

When you collaborate with brands for sponsorships and brand deals, you can earn a huge profit on YouTube as companies pay according to the products or services being promoted in your videos.

You have to promote the brand by highlighting its exceptional features and ensure that your promotion catches the attention of every viewer.

Additionally, you need to stay updated with the latest trends and remain competitive among many content creators on this platform.

4. Promoting your Business: 

If you are conducting any online or offline classes in various fields such as music lessons, healing sessions, competitive exam coaching, tutoring various school subjects, etc. you can promote your business by using YouTube as a robust tool.

You can include your contact information in your videos or in the description of your channel or videos so that many people can contact you which maximizes the chances of gaining a huge audience for your business by promising to offer valuable service.

You need to demonstrate your knowledge and skills to gain confidence and trust among many viewers.

5. YouTube Channel Memberships: 

After establishing a successful YouTube channel and gaining huge subscribers, you can apply the feature of channel membership.

By enabling the feature of membership, you can allow your subscribers to pay a monthly fee to get access to the special content and you will receive 70% of the membership fee after the taxes have been deducted.

To enable the YouTube channel membership you need to have the following eligibility:

  1. Mandatory to have at least 1,000 subscribers.
  2. You must be enrolled in the YouTube Partner Program(YPP)
  3. Your YouTube channel must be based in eligible countries that supports YouTube partner program and other special features such as SuperChat and Super Thanks.
  4. You should be over 18 years old.

You need to set up your membership offers with 5 different levels offered with various names and varied price ranges on a monthly basis.

6. Product Sales:

You can create and sell your products through your YouTube channel which includes T-shirts, mugs, car accessories, and many other items. If you are in the e-commerce business and have completed setting up an online store and successfully managing your products and sales, you have an added advantage.

Targeting an audience based on their geographical location, preferences, and interests can alter your promotion methods and content.

You can make videos related to your product by providing valuable content that includes product specifications, tutorials, user reviews, unboxing videos, comparison videos, and many more…

7. Crowdfunding: 

Crowdfunding on YouTube is one of the best methods to increase income and YouTubers insist their subscribers financially support their content or projects. Often, Crowdfunding on YouTube takes on its own platform or through third-party platforms such as Patreon, Ko-fi, or Buy Me a Coffee, by offering exclusive content.

You can promote your Crowdfunding page by explaining your need for financial support either on your YouTube channel or on various social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and many more…

8. YouTube Shopping: 

Additionally, you can turn on the “Shopping” feature with the minimum requirement of 500 subscribers on your YouTube channel and must be enrolled into the YouTube partner program by meeting the eligibility requirements.

By implementing the YouTube Shopping feature, you can showcase your products to viewers by using 3 different methods:

  • Direct Tagging: If you have explained about any products in your video or live streams, you can tag that product in your full video or shorts by showing the option “view products” to viewers while the video is playing. Viewers can click on the option to view your products and make a purchase.
  • Creating a store: If you’re into an e-commerce business, you can set up your online store on YouTube by including your products, so that viewers can visit the store and make a purchase.
  • Product Shelf: If you haven’t explained any particular product in your videos, by using this feature you can include the products from your store and showcase them in an attractive way to viewers in order to make them purchase from your official online store.

You can customize your products by creating your own online store or collaborating with other sellers to design and sell products through YouTube.

9. Digital Product Sales: 

One of the best and different methods to earn money on YouTube includes promoting and selling important digital products by providing a purchase link and highlighting the benefits of the products such as eBooks, online courses, music or art, website designs and templates, readymade source codes for designing websites and apps, and many more…

10. Super Chat and Super Thanks: 

Super Chat: 

  • Viewers can make a valuable contribution during live streams through money and the amount varies according to users choice.
  • Creators can prefer to respond to the messages of Super Chat to recognize the contributor.

Super Thanks: 

  • This feature allows viewers to make a one-time contribution to creators in the form of money to appreciate their valuable work.
  • Viewers can contribute one time to a particular video based on the different specified levels.

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