How to earn money using Google AdMob? Discover the interesting strategies to earn money from No.1 Platform

The mobile app companies are one of the most remunerative sectors in the modern world of technology development. There are millions of apps available in different app stores and many developers are on a quest for new methods to monetize their creative works. Out of multiple earning apps, AdMob is one such app that specializes in mobile app advertising- one of the most popular and effective ways to generate online income. By the time you complete reading this article, you will gain knowledge about What is AdMob, the Different types of AdMob and working procedures, How to earn money using Google AdMob, and the important strategies to implement.

What is AdMob? 

Basically, AdMob is a mobile application and a monetization platform that was initially founded in the year 2006 by Omar Hamoui and later developed by Google in the year 2009. Popularly known as Google AdMob, this mobile application integrates app developers and advertisers who constantly aim to promote their businesses and services through various mobile apps.

What is AdMob? How to earn money using Google AdMob?
What is AdMob? How to earn money using Google AdMob?

Google AdMob allows developers to display advertisements within its platform and generate a substantial income for their efforts.

A set of sophisticated tools and services are provided by Google AdMob for both developers and advertisers to guide the combination of advertisements in apps and effective publicity of products and services to larger smartphone user audiences.

This advertising platform provided by Google for both IOS and Android applicants, links your AdMob account and connects with Adwords to distribute your ads by creating installation campaigns of mobile applications.

Additionally, you can evaluate your campaigns by integrating with Google Analytics to view statistics such as engagement rate, revenue, screen time, app version, screen size, and many more…

How Does Google Admob Work: How to earn money using Google AdMob?

How does Google AdMob work? How to earn money using Google AdMob?
How does Google AdMob work? How to earn money using Google AdMob?

Here are the certain procedures you need to follow in order to use Google AdMob in an effective manner:

Step 1: Creating an Account

As a developer, after you have created an app without any coding knowledge using readymade source code or developed using your own codes and implementing your knowledge, it is mandatory to create an account on Google AdMob- The first step for monetizing your app.

Step 2: Incorporate AdMob SDK

It is mandatory to incorporate the AdMob Software Development Kit (SDK) into your program after creating your AdMob account. Your app interacts with AdMob servers and displays advertisements through this SDK.

Step 3: Configure Ad Units

Google AdMob provides you the opportunity to create several ad units for your app to indicate the different types of advertisements to be displayed and your preferred location of ads shown within the platform.

Step 4: AdMob Negotiation

AdMob provides negotiation to developers by combining multiple ad networks to increase their revenue which provides the chance for most developers to select the most effective advertising source.

Step 5: Targeting Ads on AdMob

The complex algorithms used by Google Admob to target specific advertisements based on particular geographic locations and interests, maximize the chances of clicks and interactions.

Step 6: Start Earning a Substantial Income

With increased interactions between users and advertisers within your app, you can start earning a substantial income. Detailed data and analytics provided by AdMob guide you to track your earnings and the performance of your ads.

What are the different types of Ads on AdMob: How To Earn Money using Google AdMob?

How does Google Different Types of Ads Displayed: How to earn money using Google AdMob?
How does Google Different Types of Ads Displayed on AdMob: How to earn money using Google AdMob?

There are different types of Ad formats on AdMob that alter according to different preferences and app designs:

  1. Banner Ads: The mini-sized rectangular advertisements that are displayed either on top or bottom of the interface of an app. Generally, Banner ads are most often shown during the usage of the apps and are non-disruptive to provide convenience to users.
  2. Video Ads: Users can watch these short video ads for a few seconds before switching on to their desired content. There are maximized chances to generate a larger income on a frequent basis using these highly engaging video ads.
  3. Interstitial Ads: These are full-screen advertisements that are showcased at the natural transition moments in an app including when a browser is browsing content or between qualifying stages in a video game.
  4. Rewarded Ads: Viewers are provided with in-app prizes such as in-game rewards or exchange of rewards for watching these short commercial video advertisements. Users and developers are benefited from these rewarded ads.
  5. Native Ads: These ads combine together with the app’s content by promising to deliver more integrated and less non -non-interrupting ads to provide a user-friendly experience.
  6. Smart Banner Ads: These are the smart ads that dynamically adapt their banner size according to the screen space available and make them ideal for a wide range of screen sizes and orientations based on different types of smartphone devices.
How to earn money using Google AdMob?
How to earn money using Google AdMob?

How to earn money using Google AdMob: Various Strategies to be Implemented 

Strategies on how to earn money using Google AdMob
Strategies on how to earn money using Google AdMob

Here are the different strategies you need to know about how to earn money using Google AdMob:

1. Appropriate Ad Placement: 

One of the effective strategies on how to earn money using Google AdMob is to place ads strategically keeping in mind the important factors such as the user experience on the platform. Though it may sound exciting to stuff your app with advertisements, overstuffing of ads can drive away the users from the platform.

You need to place advertisements at a natural transition period that includes between different levels in a game or at the completion of a news article.

2. Experimenting with different types of Ads: 

One of the practical methods observed to earn money with Google AdMob is trying out different types of ads. You need to experiment with the different types of Ads provided by AdMob based on your target audience and geographic location and choose the one that works well with your app. Sometimes, there are certain ads that work well with one app but may not perform well for another.

Selecting the split testing method, popularly known as the A/B testing can provide guidance to determine the best suitable Ad type which offers you the opportunity to make maximum money while keeping in mind the user satisfaction.

3. Using Rewarded Ads Carefully: 

To keep users engaged in the best possible way, you need to use the rewarded advertisements in a wise manner to generate income. You can increase user participation by providing the most beneficial in-app rewards in exchange for watching commercial advertisements, to increase your earning potential with maximized users.

4. Executing Ad Negotiation: 

AdMob negotiation is one of the most robust solutions that authorizes you to combine several ad networks into your app. There are maximized chances to double your earning potential by expanding your advertising sourcing. Additionally, executing Ad negotiation assures you to achieve the highest-paying advertising from various sources.

5. Improving Ad Targeting: 

How to earn by using Google AdMob and target Ads? AdMob offers a wide range of targeting capabilities to display advertisements based on a particular user’s interests and activities or geographic location. By implementing this strategy of targeting ads, there are higher chances of user engagement to boost ad relevancy among users.

6. Analyzing Analytics: 

By using Google AdMob, you can get detailed analytics and reporting tools. You can scrutinize the performance of your app, monetization, and user interaction information on a regular basis. This helps you to alter your advertising approach.

7. Home Page Ads from AdMob: 

You can use the Home Page advertisements on AdMob to promote your other apps to increase the visibility of your apps.

8. Using Google AdSense: 

If you have any website or blog in addition to your mobile app, you can consider integrating your Google Adsense and the Mobile app to broaden your monetization to a further level across multiple platforms.

To implement this strategy, you need to have a Google Adsense account, in order to earn money using Google Admob.

9. Executing Frequency Capping: 

This is one of the best secret methods you need to know about how to earn money using Google AdMob. You need to utilize frequency capping to avoid immense users with too many advertisements. By using frequency capping, you can restrict the number of advertisements a user can watch in a particular time frame by providing a perfect balance between advertisement displayed and user-friendly experience.

10. Following AdMob Rules and Regulations: 

This is one of the basic and simple strategies you can implement and you will gain experience on how to earn money using Google AdMob. You need to follow the strict rules and regulations imposed by Google AdMob to keep your earnings consistent on this platform. At times, violation of Google AdMob guidelines may result in account suspension or ban.

You need to familiarize yourself with the rules, double-check if your app abides by the guidelines, and implement necessary changes if required.

11. Enhance User Experience: 

The first goal as a developer and the most effective strategy to implement on how to earn money using Google AdMob is to provide a great user experience. You need to ensure that the ads do not interfere and cause inconvenience with the primary functioning of your app. Additionally, you can provide users the option to close or skip advertisements to enhance the user experience on your app.

How To Earn Money Using Google AdMob: Overall Conclusion

By implementing the above strategies effectively, you will practically gain experience on how to earn money using Google AdMob. It is essential to consistently review and adapt your strategies counting upon the user input and performance data.

Google AdMob is a valuable platform for developers who want to monetize their mobile applications and other creations. Developers can earn a sufficient income from their apps by providing the best user experience in a smarter way by placing and targeting ads.

These days, the business of mobile apps has expanded to a broader range and Google AdMob is one of those reliable platforms to create a substantial source of income by improving their Ad strategies and turning your desire for app creation into a constant source of income.

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