How to earn money using Google Adsense? Interesting facts to be known

“How to earn money using Google Adsense?” This is the commonly asked question by every individual who wants to make money online. The modern digital world has advanced by creating multiple options for earning money online. Google Adsense is one of the most famous and effortlessly accessible ways for many individuals and business organizations to monetize their online content. In this article, you will learn how to earn money using Google Adsense along with important concepts such as:

  1. Introduction to Google Adsense
  2. Google Adsense in various fields
  3. How does Google Adsense work?
  4. Detailed Working procedure of Google Adsense
  5. Eligibility and requirements to get Google Adsense Approval
  6. Types of Ads
  7. Advantages and Limitations of Using Google Adsense

Introduction to Google Adsense

Google AdSense is a powerful advertising network that permits website owners, bloggers, and content creators to monetize their online websites, YouTube Videos, and mobile apps by displaying ads.

How to earn money using Google Adsense
How to earn money using Google Adsense

The Google AdSense program is free to join and anyone with a website or a content creator with a Google account can sign up which isn’t a complicated process. When a user clicks on one ad, you will earn a commission or you will earn money based on the number of ad impressions on your content. 

Google Adsense in various fields

Google Adsense is available for users working in different fields such as:

  1. YouTubers: Popular content creators on YouTube can monetize their videos through the YouTube partner program that is combined with Google Adsense. You need to have 1,000 lifetime subscribers and 4,000 watch-hours to earn money on YouTube through Google Ads.
  2. Website owners and Bloggers: Business organizations and bloggers who maintain their own websites can monetize their online domain using Google Adsense.
  3. E-commerce websites: The demand for e-commerce business has increased to a great extent such that individuals want to attract customers and sell their products through their own website. As a result, many individuals can make huge money by selling products online as well as earning revenue through Google Adsense.
  4. Gaming Platforms: Video game developers can integrate Google Adsense into online games or video games that are in-built on smartphones to display ads to users.
  5. Mobile Applications: Smartphone App developers can combine Google Adsense into mobile applications in order to display ads to many users.

There are countless number of professions where Google Ads plays a major role.

How does Google Adsense work? 

Google Adsense operates on the basis of Pay-Per-Click(PPC) which means that if any user clicks on the ad displayed on your website, you will receive a commission. Another method includes Pay-Per-Impression also known as the CPM method (Cost Per Mille), which includes a particular cost for 1000 Ad impressions gained.

How much does AdSense pay per 1,000 views?

You will get paid around the starting price range of 0.2$ to a maximum amount of 2.5$ per 1000 views on the ads that are displayed on your website.

How much does AdSense pay per click?

You will get a commission starting from 0.25$ to a maximum price range of 15$ per click depending upon your website niche, types of ads displayed on your website, and the high amount of traffic generated.

How to earn money using Google Adsense?
How to earn money using Google Adsense?

If a user visits any website that contains advertisements displayed, Google algorithms show appropriate ads on that website relevant to the latest activities and behavior of that particular user.

The interesting fact is that advertisers compete for ad space and the advertisement of that particular bidder with the highest bids will be shown to the visitors.

You can earn money through Google Adsense through clicks or per thousand impressions. You need to attract more traffic to your website so that there will be an increased number of impressions on the ads displayed.

Detailed Working procedure of Google Adsense: How to earn money Using Google Adsense? 

Before you know the facts on how to earn money using Google Adsense, it is important to understand the working procedure. Here is the detailed working procedure of Google Adsense you need to know:

  1. Registration as a publisher: If you have your own website, it is mandatory to sign up as a publisher by visiting the official website of Google Adsense. If you do not have a website and want to create a new one, you can create a blog website using WordPress. 
  2. Adsense Approval: Once you have published a minimum number of 20 unique and creative blog posts on your website, you can send an approval. Google scrutinizes your application and reviews if your website is eligible for Adsense by adhering to the mentioned policies and guidelines during your registration process. The reviewing process may take up to 1 to 2 weeks.
  3. Ad unit design: After your AdSense is approved, you will receive a notification via e-mail and your website will start displaying ads. You can select the specific areas where you want the ads to be displayed on your website. There is an option to configure your ad dimensions and appearance according to your website theme and layout design. Also, there are different types of Ads offered by Google which will be explained in detail.
  4. Placing the Adsense code into your website: You will receive an AdSense code through Google which you need to insert into the HTML source code of your website and the places to display ads.
  5. Ads and earnings: Ads served on your website, vary according to the activity and behavior of every user that is tracked by Google’s algorithm. You will earn revenue for each ad through CPC and CPM as discussed above in detail.
  6. Track your performance: Google Adsense provides a detailed dashboard that shows the detailed reports and analytics of your website performance, the number of visitors to your website per day, per week or per month, and revenue generated.
  7. Payment Threshold: You will be able to withdraw your earnings after you reach the payment threshold of a minimum amount of 100$. You need to provide the following details which is a mandatory procedure to withdraw your earnings:
    • Bank Account Details
    • National ID Proof- Such as PAN card, Voter ID, etc.
    • Mobile Number: To verify by sending OTP via SMS or phone call.
    • Residence or Office Address.
      • ***IMPORTANT NOTE***: It is mandatory to provide your residence or office address. This is because after you reach the first 10$ threshold, you will receive a code from Google Adsense which you need to enter on the space provided online for a safer verification process. 

Eligibility and requirements to get Google Adsense Approval: How to earn money Using Google Adsense? 

Google Adsense follows certain eligibility criteria while reviewing your application to enable monetization.

Eligibility and requirements : How To Earn Money using Google AdSense
Eligibility and requirements: How To Earn Money using Google AdSense

To start earning money from Google Adsense, here are the following eligibilities and requirements you need to know:

  1. Age Limitation: You need to be at least 18 years old and above to earn money from Google Adsense.
  2. Location: Before you submit your application for Google Adsense approval, ensure that you do not reside in the following countries, as they are not eligible for Adsense approval:
    • Crimea (Eastern Europe) 
    • Cuba (Caribbean) 
    • Donetsk People’s Republic (DNR) ( Russia) 
    • Luhansk People’s Republic (LNR) (Russia) 
    • Iran
    • North Korea
    • Syria
  3. Huge Traffic: Though this is not mandatory, you need to generate huge traffic to your website so that you can earn revenue through ads either with clicks or impressions.
  4. Source: You need to have a website, YouTube account, or app as a source of medium to get the approval of Google Adsense.
  5. Rules and Regulations: You need to ensure that your website, App, or YouTube channel does not violate the policies of Google Adsense before submitting your application for approval.

Types of Ads: How to earn money Using Google Adsense? 

There are different types of Ads offered by Google you need to know in detail for each category:

1. Website Owners: 

  • Text Ads: The ads will be displayed in simple and short texts with a concise title and description.
  • Display Ads: These ads are graphically designed in the form of images and banners that are suitable for both mobile and desktop users and displayed on your web pages in different formats.
  • Rich Media Ads: These ads are displayed in the form of images or videos in different resolutions.
  • Link Units: These are the ads that are displayed relevant to the topic of your website.
  • Responsive Ads: These ads are modified according to the screen size of mobile and desktop.
  • Matched Content: These are the ads of other website content similar to a particular topic on your website.


  • Skippable ads:  These ads appear before the beginning of your video and can be skipped after 5 seconds with the “Skip Now” option provided.
  • Non-Skippable Ads: These ads either appear at the beginning or during the video and cannot be skipped
  • Bumper Ads: These are the short-duration ads that cannot be skipped.
  • Display Ads: These ads appear adjacent to your videos.
  • Overlay ads: This type of ad appears at the bottom of your video.
  • Sponsored cards: Information related to products will be promoted if it is related to your videos.

3. App Developers: 

  • Google UAC: The Univeral Ad Campaigns (UAC) of Google is specifically designed to promote mobile applications and display ads to many users.
  • Google Play Ads: The ads are generally being displayed and promoted to a great extent only for the apps that are within the Google Play Store.

Advantages and Limitations of Using Google Adsense: How to earn money Using Google Adsense? 

After you have gained knowledge about how to earn money using Google Adsense, here are the certain Advantages and Limitations of using Google Adsense which you need to know:

Advantages and Limitations : How To Earn Money using Google AdSense
Advantages and Limitations: How To Earn Money using Google AdSense


  1. Google Adsense codes are easy to add to your websites.
  2. There are different types of ads available in various formats that are compatible with mobile and desktop versions.
  3. You can earn substantial revenue from different advertisers offering a separate pay range.
  4. With Google Adsense, you can track the performance and analytics of your website.
  5. The ads displayed on your website have increased chances of a high click-through rate (CTR) which can help to increase your income.


  1. The revenue generated from Google Adsense is not stable and fluctuates according to website traffic and appropriate ad placements.
  2. If you tend to violate the policies of Google Adsense, it may result in suspension or permanent deletion of your Google account.
  3. If your site has huge traffic, then you can generate a substantial income through ads either by clicks or impressions. Less traffic leads to fewer clicks and impressions which results in low income.
  4. The Cost-Per-Click(CPC) on your website may vary depending on your selected niche and high competition among the advertisers.
  5. Google shares a certain revenue on the ads displayed on your website which may result in less earnings. The percentage of revenue shares depends upon the location and the type of ads displayed on your website.

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