Howzat! NSW driver fined for watching a cricket match at traffic light

Authorities said the motorist was fully immersed in the game and didn’t notice when police drove up next to the vehicle.

A New South Wales driver has been issued a $387 fine and 10 demerit points after police allegedly caught him watching the Australia Day cricket match on his smartphone while in traffic.

In a Facebook post, police say the man was so invested in the sporting event he did not notice the marked police motorcycle line up alongside the vehicle while waiting at a set of traffic lights.

NSW Highway Patrol identified the Honda Accord Euro at an intersection between Victoria Road and Macarthur Street in North Parramatta – a suburb approximately 24 kilometres northwest of Sydney – on 26 January 2024.

Authorities say the man continued to drive when the lights turned green and when stopped by police, the man said: “I was caught in the moment.”

This comes as double demerit points were enforced during the Australia Day long weekend – with police reportedly targeting speeding, mobile phone, seatbelt and helmet offences from 25 January to 28 January 2024.

The public holiday road operation resulted in 3682 speed infringements issued, 244 drink-driving offences from 122,617 preliminary breath tests detected by police and a further 543 positive roadside drug tests identified.

Various road authorities are continuing to advise NSW drivers to practice safe driving habits as the state has recorded 24 road-related fatalities in January 2024.

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