Name your ex after a cricket for Black Pine Animal Sanctuary’s Valentine’s Day fundraiser

ALBION, Ind. (WPTA) – A local animal sanctuary is looking for people to swap chocolate for crickets for a unique Valentine’s Day fundraising event.

A Black Pine Animal Sanctuary board member launched the Nothing But Crickets campaign a few years ago as a creative way to raise money, communications director Diane Current says.

It’s a twisted take on Valentine’s Day celebrations where anyone can purchase a cricket for $5 and name it after someone they don’t necessarily like.

“We encourage people to name their cricket after someone who annoys them. This could be an ex, a co-worker, that neighbor who mows the lawn at 8 o’clock in the morning on a Saturday, pretty much anyone you can’t stand at the moment,” Current jokes.

Then on February 14, keepers at the sanctuary will post videos on their TikTok and Facebook accounts showing their bearded dragons, primates, and birds enjoying their cricket snacks. And to sweeten the deal, anyone who purchases a cricket will be entered in a drawing to win a 2024 Park Pal Family Membership for the sanctuary.

“Everyone thinks February is a month of love and happiness, and well, for some of us, no, it’s not. So this is kind of the opposite take on buying those chocolates—buy some crickets!”

The campaign just launched Wednesday night, and already, over $100 has been raised. Current says the funds will go towards their animals’ much-needed medications and supplements.

Anyone interested in buying and naming a cricket (or several) can do so online here.

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