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Hello Guyz, welcome to, recently we discuss some best fantasy apps with low competition but today in this article we will talk about India’s Best Ludo Apps.

Everyone must have known about the Play Ludo Online App Download game and everyone must have played Ludo at some point in their life. You can play Ludo online, we will share links of top ludo apps.

What is Ludo App?

you can play Ludo online. Ludo is a board game that originated in India and is now played worldwide. It is a simple and fun game that is enjoyed by people of all ages, and it is easy to learn. Traditionally, Ludo is played on a physical board with colored tokens and a single die, but there are now many online versions of the game available for play on computer and mobile devices.

What is Ludo Earning App?

Ludo Apps allow you to play the game online, helping you to make real money on your mobile with real players. The best thing is that you can also play Ludo with your friends and family.

You can play online Ludo in many modes like 1 vs 1, 1 vs 2, 1 vs 3, or 1 vs 4 with friends. These apps also provide a private room or table facility to invite your friends to play with you. Moreover, the Apps give a guaranteed payout and give you lots of bonuses, which you can redeem to play games and win money.

Well, now you must be thinking that which are the best ludo-earning apps in India? Right, There are many top ludo-earning apps without investment in the market but I suggest below some genuine Ludo earn money apps to download in 2023 and earn lots of money using your Ludo gaming skill.

How to Play Classic Ludo?

The Classic Model of Ludo is Played Between 2,3 or 4 Players. Each of the Players is Given 4 Tokens Each & the Objective of the Game is to Get All the Four Tokens to the Destination.

  • The First Player to Meet the Game Objective is Declared as the Winner.
  • A Player Will Be Allowed to Move Out a Token Only if He/she Gets 6 on Rolling the Dice During His/her Turn.
  • A Player Will Be Given an Additional Chance to Roll the Dice if He/she Gets a 6 on Rolling the Dice.
  • 3 Consecutive Sixes on Rolling a Dice Will Lead to the Player’s Chance Being Skipped.
  • If a Player Manages to Get a Token to the Destination Successfully, Then, They Will Be Given an Additional Chance to Roll the Dice.
  • If a Token Captures Another Token, the Player Will Be Given an Additional Turn to Roll Dice.
  • The Auto Button Will Roll the Dice Automatically for the Player.
  • Any Token Placed in the Safe Blocks (Denoted by the “b” Icon Can Not Be Captured by Any Token of the Opponent in Case a User Has Two Tokens Placed in the Same Block, Then, Neither of the Tokens Can Be Captured by an Opponent.
  • A Player Will Be Given an Additional Chance to Roll the Dice if He/she Gets a 6 on Rolling the Dice.
  • If No Token Can Legally Move According to the Number Thrown, the Turn Passes to the Next Player.
  • Each Player is Provided With 15 Seconds to Roll the Dice and Make the Move. In Case of No Response, the Player Misses the Turn.
  • After Missing 3 Turns a Player Can Not Play the Game Further and Will Be Confirmed as Dismissed.
  • Quitting/killing the App or Leaving the Game Will Be Considered as a Forfeit and No Price or Refund Will Be Provided for the Same.
  • In Case of Internet Connectivity Problems or App Crashes, Players Can Reopen the App and Reconnect to the Same Game Session if Active.

Here are Top Ludo Apps:



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